Through Clémentine's positive energy and empathy , she has been able to clarify what I was looking for. Clémentine has an ability to analyze very well and understand straight away some situations (that seemed to be complicated to me).
I would highly recommend Clémentine for her coaching skills !


I am so fortunate to have found Clémentine. She has helped me a lot to realize all the great things I had accomplished and maybe sometimes left aside, she helped me found what I liked best and did best !

What I particularly like with Clémentine is her ability to feel and dig at the right place ! I will miss my sessions with her, there are great moments!


Clémentine has a positive energy and offers different coaching services for her clients. She helped me redefine what I needed during my expatriation in Boston. I highly recommend to do a coaching with her: she knows what it is to drastically change your environment and how to adapt, she is highly professional, and let you progress and find your way.