I have first worked 15 years in Paris in digital marketing and communication. Gradually, I felt I wasn’t in phase with this job anymore. I was then coached and through the coaching I have learnt a lot on myself so I could follow a new coaching career.


Why coaching?

I am interested in people. I love helping them to find and pull the right strings so they can Iive a more fulfilling life.



Moving to Boston during 4 years ago, was the opportunity that triggered my career transformation.


My customers

Most of my customers are expatriates, francophone and european. But I also coach, through long distance call, customers based within the US or in Paris.

Although, I have a real expertise on communication, marketing and digital jobs, this doesn’t prevent me to coach people with different backgrounds: being a neophyte on other domains can lead to “out of the box” thinking.


My studies

I have a Master in business and marketing from ESG (Paris, France)

I have followed a coaching training from the Coaching Training Institute in Boston (USA) and I am now working to get my certification CTI and ICF from Paris, where I develop my coaching business.